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Calliope Glass

Captain Marvel: Beware the Flerken!


As the breakout character from Captain Marvel, Goose the Flerken narrates this hilarious (and quirky!) picture book sure to please fans of all ages.
Hello! I am Goose. I look like a cat. But I am not a cat.I am a Flerken!
In this adorable picture book told from Goose's point of view, our favorite Flerken embarks on an adventure alongside Captain Marvel that leads them to Louisiana, where Goose SLORPS some alligators and finds a new friend in Monica Rambeau!
And while Goose may look like a cat, she's most certainly a Flerken--a cute little alien with . . . well, you'll see.
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About the Author
Calliope Glass is a children's book writer and editor in New York City. She likes to eat Popsicles, solve crossword puzzles, read comic books, and sing loudly. She has two small children, which is almost like having two pet bears but not as good.

Rob McClurkan is an author, illustrator, and comic collector. Like Goose, he wants you to know that the best way to be his friend is to give him something to eat (SLORP!), preferably donuts. When he's not drawing, Rob likes to get outdoors and spend time with his family. Rob and his work can be found at