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Michaele Razi

Frank the Seven-Legged Spider


A fun-read aloud picture book about a spider who loves to weave amazing artistic webs, only to wake up one day to discover he's missing a leg. Is he still a spider if he only has seven legs? His question is answered as his search for his missing leg takes readers on an adventure that is sure to bring a smile even to those wary of spiders.

Frank loves being a spider, especially the part that involves having eight glorious legs. But one morning Frank wakes up missing a leg. One of his friends exclaims, I barely recognize him Another friend asks, Are you still a spider, Frank? Is he still a spider? Frank doesn't know. A funny and heartfelt quest filled with surprises ensues as Frank searches for his leg and the answer to his identity.


About the Author
Michaele Razi is a children's book writer and illustrator. She loves children's books of all kinds: picture books, early chapter books and middle grade books. She enjoys all genres but she especially likes to read (and write) characters who are silly, funny and a little bit naughty. She lives outside of Seattle with her family and her two rascally cats. Frank the Seven-Legged Spider is her authorial debut.