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Madeleine Sherak Phd

Superheroes Club


Lily is just a regular kid with a huge heart who rallies her friends to form a Superheroes Club to help other kids in school and in their communities.

​She explains that it's not how you look, but what you do that makes you a superhero. It doesn't have to be hard to help others; opportunities are everywhere you look.

So Lily inspires and empowers her friends to find the heroic potential that each of them possesses. Discover your superpower with Lily and the Superheroes Club


About the Author

Madeleine Sherak, PhD, a longtime educator in the public school and university systems, is using her creative talents to write her first children's book, Superheroes Club. This is the first book in a series that focuses on developing empathy and tolerance in young children and seeing the heroic potential that all children possess to help others.

The Superheroes Club series illuminates the need to help young children understand empathy and empowers them to take action. No matter his or her age, anyone can help someone in need.

This series resulted from Dr. Sherak's life-long dedication to education, children and making a difference in the world. She hopes the ongoing series will be extraordinarily valuable for parents, educators and community members.

Dr. Sherak also works in the entertainment industry, currently developing two feature film projects - one animated and one live action.

She is also developing TV projects that align with her interests and commitment to women, families and young people.

Before her second career in entertainment, Dr. Sherak was a math teacher and department chair in the Las Virgenes Unified School District in Calabasas, California.

She holds a PhD in Comparative Education from the University of Maryland and a California teaching credential in secondary math. She is presently on staff at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where she is a field supervisor of student teachers in their teacher education program.

Dr. Sherak is also on the board of numerous philanthropic organizations. She is a longtime board member and serves as the vice president of the Fulfillment Fund, an inner-city college access organization in Los Angeles.

She serves as the chair of Partners in Discovery in the Department of Neurology at UCLA, is a board member of both the Sherak Family Foundation for MS research and the Tom Sherak MS Hope Foundation at UCLA. Finally, Dr. Sherak is on the advisory board of True Spark, an organization that brings values education, through film, to young people.

Dr. Sherak was married to the love of her life for over 46 years until his death in 2014 due to illness. Together they have three children and ten grandchildren. Dr. Sherak still lives in their family home in Calabasas with their two white labs, Tucker and Maggie.