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Maurice Sendak

The Sign on Rosie's Door


Fans of Maurice Sendak's Caldecott Medal-winning Where the Wild Things Are will love The Sign on Rosie's Door--the book that inspired the Broadway musical Really Rosie, with music by Carole King

There was a sign on Rosie's door that said, If you want to know a secret, knock three times. One day, Kathy, Rosie's good friend, knocks three times and learns the secret--that Rosie is no longer Rosie, but Alinda, the lovely lady singer. What follows is the story of real children, playing as only children know how.

In a starred review, Kirkus praised The Sign on Rosie's Door, saying, "Maurice Sendak, through both text and illustrations, fuses the appealingly familiar with the magical in a book of outstanding charm."

First published in 1960, The Sign on Rosie's Door portrays children in their very real world of imagination as only Maurice Sendak can.